Here are some of the blogs I actively follow. When you’re planning to retire by the age of the Lord <33>, you may have to consider following the footsteps of the giants, most of them are retired, others included are to help you get their swiftly:~

  • Mr. Money Mustache – This personal finance and self-sufficient lifestyle blog phenomenon has turned earlier retirement into a motivational grassroots social movement.
  • 1500 Days to Freedom – a blog written by an aspiring early retiree as he strives to think differently so he can escape the rat race by his 1500-day deadline
  • Living Rich Cheaply – a personal finance blog about how to have your cake and eat it too
  • The Rookie Manager – The aim of this blog is to simplify personal finance. @RookieKe writes about budgeting, personal finance, management and doing business in Kenya, in a way that everyone will understand.
  • Bankelele – Blog on Investment Banks Planes Overlap Farms Risk Trade Travel Taxpayer Tech. Follow him on twitter: @bankelele
  • Early Retirement Extreme – This pioneering hardcore frugality and minimalism blog combines financial advice with illuminating philosophical and psychological analyses of why people succeed or fail in the pursuit of their financial goals.
  •  – The general participant is seeking a fully funded retirement way before hitting age 65.  Excellent advice on investing, taxes, living off your investments, and all things financial.  For financial independence sites, this one caters to a relatively well to do crowd, with ample millionaires or millionaires in the making ambling the halls.  As an added bonus, they don’t neglect the softer points like the psychology of retirement and of pursuing an unconventional path in life.
  • – Jeremy and Winnie at Go Curry Cracker are traveling the world and living off their savings.  Read more about their adventures and experiences as they enjoy their location independent lifestyle to the fullest.
  • – Nick at shares insights into a concept called “pretirement” – the period of time before traditional retirement age but after the need for a full time career is over.  Where you can pursue your dreams however you want to.  Maybe I’m “pretired”?
  • – Joe at Retireby40 is in a very similar set of circumstances as I am, so naturally I identify with what he writes about.  30-something stay at home dad that is close to reaching financial independence.

I’m ready to have this list even longer, so please let me know one of those online financial resources you religiously follow and might want to see on this list.