Intuition does play a role in the life of a thinking person. But the fact that our feelings are so capable of being manipulated makes them much less reliable than our intellect.
Socrates once said that he was the wisest man on earth because he realized he knew nothing.
He believed that all of us must submit to the authority of reason. For him, the “stamp of truth” is that which remains independent of us
and our own subjective realities, including our own needs, wants, and desires.
Although indulging in dreams and wishes may
not be a bad thing in itself, if doing so prevents us from gaining and sustaining a clear view of reality, then it can be dangerous.
Francis Bacon summed up our tendency to confuse our own reality with true reality when he said, “The assertion that the human senses are the measure of things is false; to the contrary, all perceptions, both of the sense and the mind, are relative to man, not the universe. The human understanding is like an uneven mirror receiving rays from things and merging its own nature with the nature of things, which thus distorts and corrupts it.”
Perhaps, it sounds as if Bacon was encouraging
us not to use our senses at all. But a man as
clear-headed as Bacon would never subscribe
to such an inclusive philosophy. There is no reason to suppose that we cannot use both our intuition and our intellect. However, we must develop a level of self-awareness that enables us to ascertain when are making a choice based on instinct versus critical thinking.
To know when to use one’s abilities in a certain
realm can be even more important than whether or not one possesses those abilities.
There is always a time to go forward and a
time to hold back, a time to feel and a time to
think, a time to let go and a time to hold on.
Rarely, is anything ever completely final. And
yet, some things are.

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